Smoky Hill Development Corporation
P.O. Box 321
114 1/2 Douglas
Ellsworth, KS  67439
Phone:  785.472.4136
Fax:  784.472.3486

The Smoky Hill Development Corporation and Ellsworth County, Kansas welcomes you to our website for a view of your
next potential business expansion location and home.  Located along the I-70 corridor, Ellsworth County boasts of not
only a great business location, but a friendly, hometown atmosphere that makes the quality of living one of the best in
our great state.

Included in this website you’ll find potential business incentives offered by the State of Kansas, Ellsworth County, and the
five incorporated municipalities located within the county boundaries.  Our elected officials understand and appreciate
the importance of offering you, your business, and your family a smooth and prosperous transition as you move in to our
area.  Because of this, Ellsworth County is open for business and will provide you with the opportunity for economic

Please visit our site regularly as we continue to provide you with information that will help make your decision to come to
Ellsworth that much easier!